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You might have heard about famous puppetry shows of Rajasthan. Puppet show is a traditional way of having a taste of customary storytelling puppets (otherwise known as kathputli) is a conventional method for keeping the visitors captivated. Rehearsed by artists and particularly the bhat community of Rajasthan, puppetry is a necessary part of Rajasthani life style. These hand tailored puppets are not simply a doll or a toy but are a way to send a message to the masses through captivating story telling.

Earlier, these puppet shows were used to be a method of spreading social awareness. At the time of British rule, freedom fighters used puppets to evoke the feeling of patriotism in the youth of the country. Along with interesting storytelling, puppet shows also incorporates singing and a vast content of humour. Story behind the show may contain a portray, a society legend, an occasion, a legendary episode or any story. A puppet is a preserver and retainer of Rajasthani society. Different puppets with vibrant colours dancing on a stage along with a terrific story and music are efficient enough to bring a smile and tears at the same time. Generally, each show present a story depicting the fight between good, and the bad is told ending with a message of victory of genuine. Puppetry blossomed in the villages of India and became an integral part of the folk culture of India. Besides this fact, puppetry lacks facial expressions, the background music and dialogues of the artist backstage make puppets alive.

History of Rajasthani Puppets
The subject of puppet is not new to the world, but it is rather thousands years old. Regionally called Kathputli, where kaath implies wood and putli imply a doll accordingly giving it the name of a wooden puppet. It is the most vibrant part of Rajasthani folk culture and legacy. According to a legend, Raja Vikramaditya of Ujjain was frightfully fond of puppets. His throne was chiselled with thirty two beautiful dolls. The first play was of thirty two puppets which portrayed the life and accomplishments of Vikramaditya. The successors of the man, who initially demonstrated the play, performed a few shows for the later royal families in this manner picking up much acknowledgment and laud.

A long time after Prithviraj Chauhan was so amazed by this workmanship that he asked the Bhats to show a play on his accomplishments. The Bhats made a play on the brave deeds of Amar Singh Rathod of Nagaur additionally. The Mughal period brought a downfall for this art form as it was somehow against the Islamic beliefs. The puppet artists in the Mughal period faced loss of recognition as they were not entertained by the Mughal royal families.

Making of Rajasthani Puppets
String puppet of Rajasthan is dissimilar in its style and procedure. These are hand created with wood and fabric. Wooden faces of these puppets is coloured as per the characters they play in a specific enactment. Usually they are painted in yellow shade with their hands are loaded down with clothes, cotton and fabric pieces. For moving, strings are appended to their heads. Without any joints in hands and without any leg, these puppets move to the tunes of puppeteers. Their nonappearance of legs is not felt as they wear delightful Rajasthani outfits. Different Colours are used to represent different characters. The facial colours of a brave man are painted with red colour, whereas the face of an honest poor man in a black colour. The male puppets are made to wear turbans, the symbol of Rajasthani folk traditional dress while the female puppets are shown wearing traditional Rajasthani skirts and the other jewelleries. They are made to hold the edges of their skirts in hands while dancing.

Puppetry act shows performed by the Rajasthani artists are liked by people all over the world. Many organisations organise memorable puppet shows in addition to their main events in order to treat the guests with some traditional art forms of India. When performed well, a puppet show leaves a deep impression on the minds of the audience. A successful puppet show is a result of perfect teamwork and harmony. There are many factors which make a puppet show successful. The anchors of the show, keeps the crowd entertained. The storyteller of the show deciphers shrieking and squeaking voices throughout the shows. The storyteller likewise furnishes rhythms additionally. The head-puppeteer moves puppets with the help of strings or rods and usually provides the voice and the female voices and songs are provided by his wife and kids. The qualities of hungry (series of chimes) sounds that are exceptionally sweet let the show overflowing up with the musicality. The creation of hands, neck and waist is a true amusement to see. As developments are extremely paramount in these shows, the puppeteers demonstrate incredible workmanship, speed and vibrancy. These puppet shows are without a doubt not to be missed when in Rajasthan.

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