Jaisalmer Government Museum

The Government Museum of Jaisalmer is one the main attractions for visitors to this part of Rajasthan, the premier tourist destination of India. The museum is conveniently located on the Police Line, close to the Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation’s Moomal Hotel and is to the west of the equally popular Jaisalmer Fort.

History The Government Museum of Jaisalmer is the dream child of the Department of Archeology and Museum which was opened for public viewing on 19th February, 1984. The key areas of attraction in the museum are the amazing collection of marine fossils and wood fossils. They are important pointers to the geological history of the region and are extremely helpful from a scientific point of view. Visitors can also enjoy a grand visual feast of the amazing sculptures from the ancient places of Lodurva and Kiradu which is believed to be from 12th century.

What to Look for Inside the Museum The archeology department has taken lots of trouble in assimilating and displaying the various types of common marine fossils. These fossils were part of the prehistoric seas and retrieved from their buried state in shale, limestone, and sandstone. Some of the fossils are more than 150 million years ago and dates back to the Jurassic period. Visitors can make a clear distinction from the numerous invertebrates with hard body shells and prehistoric vertebrate animals in the fossil record. The museum also displays many soft bodied animals including various types of worms and sea anemones.

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