Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary

The Gajner wildlife Sanctuary is located at a distance of 32 kms. from the town of Bikaner. In the days of yore Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary used to be royal hunting grounds of the Maharaja of Bikaner. There is a sparkling lake inside the sanctuary and in the sweltering summer months one can see a variety of wild animals that come to the lake to quench their thirst.
An arid land embraced by the Thar Desert in the state of Rajasthan, Bikaner is an ancient city built by Rao Bika in 1488. With forts, palaces, monuments, havelis, museums, temples; the city is a perfect holiday getaway with desert and camel safari as its added bonus. The city is envied for its mouth watering delicacies, snacks and sweets and shopping destinations are plenty. However the city has a lot more to offer to its people and tourists. On a Bikaner visit to Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is highly recommended for tourists and lovers of nature.

Nestled atop a small hill and overlooking a beautiful lake, Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is an oasis and reserve enriched in flora and fauna with dense green forest cover. The sanctuary and reserve can be easily accessed via Jaisalmer road from Bikaner which lies 32 kilometers away via private cabs or bus service. Originally reserved in the early days for recreational sport and hunting activities of Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner, followed by the British, this wildlife reserve is worthy of visiting. The interesting part of this sanctuary is the beatific Gajner Palace and the Lake overlooking the palace which has been converted into a heritage and luxury hotel for visitors. The Gajner Palace hotel earlier used to house the Maharaja and his revered guests including Viceroys and other prominent figures who were invited for annual sand grouse hunting activity.

Bird watchers will be thrilled by the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary’s species count and they will be greeted by Imperial Sand Grouse, Indian Houbara Bustards, Water fouls, Demoiselle Cranes and other varieties of migratory birds. The lake serves as an attraction for birds and animals that flock to the banks to quench their thirst and for recreation in summer and even in winter months and is an excellent spot for observing them. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary is also home to black buck, chinkara, antelope, wild boars, deer, wild fowls, neelgai (blue bull) and desert foxes which roam amidst lush gardens, wooded forests and the majestic palace.

Residents of Gajner Palace Hotel can avail their own jungle and camel safari vehicles and trained guides to visit the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary on a daily basis besides scores of other tour operators who offer jungle safaris as well. The ideal time to visit Gajner Wildlife Reserve is between months of March and September for jungle sightseeing and nature walking amidst the vast expanse of forest and flanked by wildlife.

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