Albert Hall Museum

Jaipur is the city of vibrant culture, royal history and extra ordinary heritage. But if you want to know about the culture and traditions, no place is better than a museum, isn’t it? In a city of beautiful culture, the Albert hall Jaipur is the most stunning museum. Situated in the Ram Niwas Bagh Jaipur, this Albert Hall Museum or Government Central Museum is one of the best visiting places for tourists. This beautiful museum is modeled along the popular Albert Museum of London and deeply represents the Indo-Saracenic style of architecture.

History – In the honor of Prince Albert of Britain who was the husband of Queen Victoria, this beautiful place was named as the ‘Albert Hall Museum’. In 1876, during his tour of the Indian Subcontinent, this museum was built to tempt him to visit the Pink City. Maharaja Ram Singh really wanted the prince to visit the Pink City because due to this visit, their ties to the British Royal Court will be improved and strengthened. He also performed other extravagance like the whole Jaipur city was painted in pink color which was the symbol of welcoming. This tradition continues to be followed through to today.

The famous British Architect, Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob, designed this beautiful Albert Hall very gracefully. While designing this place, he used the combination of India Islamic Architecture along with the Neo-gothic. This Neo-gothic pattern was very trendy and popular in the Victorian era. This combination and pattern of design was further referred to as Indo-Saracenic. Albert Hall Museum is one of the best example of such kind of style.

On the 6th of February 1876, the first stone of foundation ceremony was performed. The first stone of the place was laid by the Prince Albert and the place was also named after him. It took ten years to complete the construction of this beautiful building. By the reign of Madho Singh II, the construction of this building was over. As per the desire of Madho Singh I, Madho Singh II declared that this beautiful Albert Hall will be used as the museum instead of a government building. This beautiful museum is about 131 Years Old and houses the Excellent Collection Of Rajasthan royal Paintings, Traditional Royal outfits, crafts And Sculptures.

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